Avez-vous une forte poitrine?

Do you have a strong chest?

All women have different and unique morphologies. We tend to separate them into three categories: small, medium or strong. But, there are as many silhouettes as there are bodies. Large breasts , or fuller _ bust e n English, are less represented in the fashion industry.

Having a large chest does not equal being a large size.

When we talk about large breasts, we are talking about the size of the breasts only. You can wear a size 6 and wear bras DD size and up . _ There is no correlation between breast size and the rest of the body. The challenges of women with large breasts are different, because the bust is larger. It is difficult for women to find clothes that suit their figure.

Buttons that come off and jackets that don't close are daily frustrations. We can add bra sizes that are limited in stores, not to mention back pain, shoulder pain, sweat below the breasts and marks. These are all challenges that bring women with large breasts together.

Fortunately, things are changing and there are more shops that specialize in large breasts.

Pictured (left to right): Billie Eilish, Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks