Pourquoi la mode n’est-elle pas créée pour les fortes poitrines?

Why is fashion not created for large breasts?

My bra size is 36 JJ. Yes, JJ! A size that is rarely found in underwear stores and which brings its share of challenges. I live well with my large breasts, except when it comes time to get dressed. Clothes are often ill-fitting to my bust. Tops are tight in the chest or too wide in the waist. Why isn't fashion better suited for big breasts? 

1 - The clothes are created for cup sizes B or C
A recurring problem in fashion is that the fit models do not resemble the bodies of the majority of women. The clothes are created for smaller breasts. Thus, the peculiarities of large breasts are constantly ignored.

2 - Large breasts are not plus sizes.
Each morphology is different. To dress up their large bust, women will often shop in the plus size sections. We often place the bodies that do not correspond to the standards of beauty directly in the plus sizes. However, a woman can have large breasts without being a "large" size. 

3 - Plus size clothes are often more expensive and in bad taste.
Although there has been a lot of progress in recent years, tops are more expensive as soon as you go over size 8 and C cups. There are few shops on the market and the choice of clothes is still very limited.

Photo credit: Markus Spiske-unsplash