Democratize fashion for women with large breasts

FORTE's mission is to provide women with large breasts, of small to medium height, stylish and comfortable clothing adjusted to their curves.

Word from the Foundress

In 2020, I was driven by the idea of ​​making fashion more inclusive for women. Like all the women in my family, I developed large breasts quite young. Growing up, I was always embarrassed by my larger breasts and found it difficult to find clothes that fit me properly. I often had to compromise on style and comfort, only wearing clothes that weren't flattering or comfortable.

During the pandemic, I realized how the clothing supply hadn't changed as my niece went through the same challenges I went through as a teenager. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and launch my own brand of clothing for women with large breasts.

FORTE was born from the desire to democratize fashion for large breasts, while valuing different bodies.

I want us to help each other love our bodies the way they are. I hope the clothes I create will help you feel "badass" every time you look in the mirror.

With love 🖤

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